Adrenalin Kite Area Tarifa

Kitesurf School & SUP in Tarifa, España



About AKA

Founded in 1999 Adrenlin Kite Area has more than 13 years of experience, and offers their clients kitesurf courses at an elite level. As a member of the german watersporst association VDWS and the andalucian sailing association F.A.V., highly qualified instructors build the foundation of our teaching system. Therefore we offer high quality kite courses. After completing the course succesfully, every student recieves a certificate which represents the level of kiting the student has reached. By the VDWS we are qualified to test and to hand out the VDWS International Kitesrf Licence (in german and english), which is acknowledged in over 30 countries. Often this licence is required to rent equipment without any problems. If the particular instructor has reached the teacher licence of the english association IKO, he or she will be able to hand out the IKO kiteboarder card.Stand Up Paddle is an old form of sliding where the navigatoruse a paddle to move around the watersurface,wihle standing up on a surfboard.

The origin of Sup started in the Polinesian vilages. Later in the history, around the years 1960, in Waikiki beach, the “beach boys” (surfinstructors)took there longboards and paddles to take photos of there pupils, and also too have a better view of there group.

Only begining of the 20º century, a few surfers (laird Hamilton, dave Kalama,…) started to do Sup whem the waves were to small for surfing and to keep them in good condition,

Since then, the popularity of the sup growed so quickly because of its easy learning, and the posibilitys that offers the sport.

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